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May the road rise to meet you- Geoffrey Noble; repeats once



Christ Our Hope Community is an  ecumenical, contemplative network of companions in the 'Celtic Well' tradition. We are a community of Christians walking a spiritual path together that integrates:

  •  simplicity

  •  mindfulness

  •  meditative prayer

  •  social justice

  •  equality for all


We are  full charter members of the Monastery of the Heart Network.


Our community is  welcoming, and open to every one seeking a deeper experience of the Divine in their daily lives.

Christ Our Hope Community
is a 'street ministry' and outreach of 'Companions of Hope'.


As Christians we strive to follow the simplicity of Christ's message.


We remain at all times an inclusive, all embracing and affirming community.


We practice the hospitality of Jesus toward all.


In 2018 Community Gatherings-followed by light refreshments-take place

  • weekly in members' Homes/Wells (5.30pm Saturday Vigil Community Prayer/Holy Communion)
  • fourth Sunday monthly at 414 Elizabeth street (11.00am Eucharist)


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